Immersing myself in these projects has been exhilarating. Don't miss the opportunity to check them out while you're here.

Notion Bear

Quick & Lean Startup Toolkit to quickly let anyone build and manage a one person startup.

Hustle AI

Use Hustle AI to build your business and get your first dollar on the internet with now over  1,600 users and ranked one on google.

Query Kitty

Query Kitty lets you use chatgpt for free on any website. Weekend Project with 300+ paid users.


Web3 Summary

Web3 needs AI, Web3 is full of mindless jargon, this tool translates that with 1100+ users and 10,000 newsletter subscribers.

Accounting & Operation based software for manufacturers and traders to sell goods online. IOT an

IOT and ERP based software with $0 sales, and multiple free users. Not an ideal startup.

payables finance

Defi layer for DAOs and Communities helping groups operate.

Crypto Exit

A subsidiary app for stock up crypto to lower down your cost basis by selling the rally and buying the dip.

Easy to run calculation model live for you to test your crypto exit stratergy.

Stock Up

Started a research hub for explaining game theories in crypto to the world. Later merged together as powerful crypto tools.

Too many CRON jobs, extraction tools $120 MRR and $230 in Expenses for 6+ months.

Avatar ART

Create a high quality online presence with Avatar ART using Stable Diffusion Training Models.

Discontinued due to low margins and high competition

Tweet Shot

After the API change Twitter stole our thunder ⚡ from $320 MRR to now $0

Crypto Scale

A subsidiary for stockup to calculate relative valuations.

Blockchain Grants

Web3 ecosystem grants for developers out there.

Decentralized Exchange & Escrow Service with Payment Dapps built for wordpress.

Coinsense APIs

The most detailed crypto api's for free.

Data Aggregator to collect data in between the retail store and the shopped goods.`


Plastic crate factory for suppliers to safely ship goods around the country.

QuickVeggies an ecommerce store that brought me to the map of technology,